Kraken is a small but authentic raw bar that thrives on creating an exceptional culinary experience using fresh and locally harvested ingredients.

Join us on our voyage to discover the perfect taste our local ocean has to offer.

Our Commitment

Kraken offers a fusion of exquisite flavors for your palette in a soothing environment designed to transport you into the depths of greatness.

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Taste would not be what it is without our staff, they are the heartbeat, the energy, the passion the knowledge, the compassion.
Chef Samuel Suñe

Chef Samuel Suñe

Fascinated with food since an early age, after graduating from the Art Institute in Miami with a degree in culinary arts he set off to find the perfect recipe. After countless days of hard work and commitment, he crafted a menu where healthy eating and deliciousness prevail.
Chef Kiko Divo

Chef Kiko Divo

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Culture Owl

Culture Owl

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"We're always on the lookout for new, innovative eateries that are tucked away from the mainstream, hidden gems waiting to be discovered and appreciated for their fresh culinary take."

The Hungry Post

The Hungry Post

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"The recently opened raw bar is a family operation that promises fresh flavors on your plate. BOYB or just enjoy a light drink while staring into the eyes of the 3D tentacles sprawled across the left wall."


Monday to Thursday.
12:00 PM. – 10:00 PM.

12:00 PM. – 11:00 PM.

01:00 PM. – 11:00PM.

02:00 PM. – 10:00 PM.

Work like a captain, play like a pirate.


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